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Random Thoughts And Humor
April 23, 2004
 Hey hey ... if Chi's name were actually Shi instead of Chi and he had two more parts to his name like Ottoman-Thomas and he served you tea than that would be

ha ha ha ha

this is out of control man .....

 Hey, if Ben had two more parts to his last name, like

Ben Yau-Ottoman-Brown

his initials would be BYOB!

April 22, 2004
 Hey hey.. if Chi's middle initial was "L" and his last initial was "L", then he would be

just chill ChiLL

ha ha ha... hey hey, (his last name is Ni), if he married someone whos last name was "Changa" and he hyphenated his name to "Ni-Changa" then he would be
Chi Ni-Changa

And if he worked out a lot more and got really like beefed up he would be

BEEF CHI NI-CHANGA!!! (say it out loud)

muh ah ah ha ha ha !
 This is a funny site... check it out :

Ben and Sheri dot com ** Random Thoughts And Humor

(now is that random?)

 What do you call a cow after it's given birth?

April 21, 2004
 see farside cartoon in real life...link
April 20, 2004
The Dueling Banjos ...redefined

April 19, 2004
 As it's almost my one year anniversary, I think the marries jokes are starting to come in more often from friends:

Playboy is starting an edition strictly for married people. It has the same centerfold every month.

Ba-dump CHING!!!!