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Random Thoughts And Humor
May 3, 2004
 Today is our one year anniversary! (not mine and Chi's, no no .. me and Sheri!)

It has been a very FAST one year of marriage. Possibly because we are still putting our wedding photo gifts together for relatives :). But also probably because we've just been so busy ..looking for a place to buy in this inflated market, not to mention website projects, finally dedicating more time to teaching dance, etc.

In fact, today we just got back from Raleigh, NC both for work and for swing dancing ... and we have a private lesson tonight, and didn't realize that today was actually May 3rd until early this morning.

Ah well... Moo-Shoe Pork is what I say !

(don't worry, it's an inside joke with me and Sheri)

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary to us!!!
 Under Priced Joy!!!

Which do you find more exhilirating ... finding minutes left over in a parking meter or finding a gas station that sells gas for $.05 less than what you're used to?

(realistically each will only save you between $.05 to $1.00 but man it's so great anyway!! glee glee glee!)