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Random Thoughts And Humor
May 13, 2004
 sly, handsome, AND a sense of humor ...
May 12, 2004
 oh i gave you more than 10, i gave you a 9 (which is 7 more than 10)
 Dude... you're sly .

I hope you at least gave me a 10..

 here's something to cheer you up

 Journal? Or Random Thoughts?

Ahh.same thing..

So we're now seriously looking to buy a house. Even though it may not be the best time considering it's a total seller's market out there. As a reference point, one condo we looked at listed at $340K (and the agent said they had offers higher than that on it) in Pasadena is in the same complex and is the same model as one purchased by our friend over a year ago for $200K (and offered at $150K).


May 11, 2004
 There are only 10 types of people in this world. Those who can count in binary and those who can't.

(yes it's back to the awful math and science jokes!)

May 10, 2004
 We finally celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. We celebrated Mother's day by having dinner at Sheri's grandma's and with the extended family, at which point we ate both the top layer of the cake from our original wedding as well as a new layer from the bakery (I guess many bakeries are doing this these days).

The old cake wasn't bad. I didn't care much for the new one (almond poppy) .

Anyhow, we then went to go see 13 going on 30 (Jennifer Garner is adorable!). We hadn't gone to a movie in a long time.. It was fun. In fact this is the first weekend we hadn't done anything swing dance related either! Been so busy ... so we actually took the whole weekend off to recuperate. Definitely fun.

Just an update on life for anyone reading this.